Opening the Door to Employment Workshop

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Opening the Door to Employment Workshop

Social Security Work Incentives: Opening the Door to Employment is presented by Community Work Incentives Coordinator Elisa Cohen.

This workshop is open to individuals who are seeking employment and their families. Discussion and practical demonstration will be provided to illustrate how job seekers may potentially keep full or partial benefits and/or medical coverage once employed.

Workshop Objective: To provide individuals and their families with the tools they need to support themselves or their loved ones on federal and state work incentive programs. 

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Review and utilization of SSI Work Incentives

2. Review and utilization of SSDI Work Incentives

3. Using an IRWE and a PASS to maximize results.

4. Comprehensive explanation of NJ WorkAbility (Medicaid Buy-In) and how to apply for this program 

5. Resources and online tools for providers and consumers

Registration for this workshop is free but requested.

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