Pathways for Exceptional Children presents Family Wellness Day

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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Pathways for Exceptional Children presents Family Wellness Day

Families are under increasingly more stress in today’s world.  Our children are struggling with anxiety and many turn to unhealthy habits, injurious behavior, and addictions to find relief. 

Pathways is allying with another nonprofit called “F.I.T. 4 All, ” Rutgers School of Health Professions, and other professionals to initiate programs where parents and their children can work together toward achieving wellness!  

A nutrition education session will be provided by Dietetic Interns from the Rutgers School of Health Professions. The session will focus on simple steps for a healthier diet that can be applied from any starting point.  A table with nutrition education materials will also be set up throughout the event, and nutritionists will be available to answer individual questions.

On April 6, 2019, we will be devoting the afternoon using different methodologies proven to relieve stress, boost mood, and kick start new healthy habits!  We encourage parents to bring your children. We will be offering separate adult and children classes simultaneously, as well as, classes you can attend together! We are promoting wellness as a family affair!

Cost $10

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