Buds to Blossoms is currently accepting referrals for a new life skills program for young adults

(908) 867-2964

The program will help young people gain the following skills:

  1. Life skills from sewing, cooking, cleaning, safety
  2. Employment skills interviewing, resumes, cover letter, what is your passion
  3. Future Planning-banking, counting, money management
  4. Healthy cooking
  5. College readiness -Penelope’s plan
  6. Peer relationships, communication, boundaries
  7. Safe home like environment
  8. Internet Safety
  9. Learn how to be your own advocate-empowerment
  10. Housing -find roommates and customize housing project-This is a future goal
  11. Connection to the community

The program will work with 8-10 participants who are 18 years and older.

Call Pamela Hamilton for information 908-867-2964