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Morris County Special Child Health Services- Case Management Unit

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Who is a child with special needs?

Any infant, child or young adult who has a disease, disability or condition that may interfere with normal
growth and development is considered to be a child with special needs. Children with special needs
may include:

  • children with serious medical conditions;
  • premature or low birth weight infants;
  • children whose development in walking, talking,
  • playing or learning is delayed;
  • seriously injured accident victims. 

Getting the right help for your child

The diagnosis of a child’s disability can be overwhelming. Parents may feel frustrated, alone,
and unsure about where to go for help. Special Child Health Services, a collaborative program of Morris
County and the Center for Human Development at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, helps parents who live
in Morris County access the services available to their children.Case Management Unit staff at Special Child Health Services work with parents to locate and take advantage of medical, financial,
educational, recreational and rehabilitative services for children with special needs who
are under 22 years of age.

The New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services and the Morris Country Board of
Freeholders provide funding for the Special Child Health Services—Case Management Unit. There is
no fee for case management services.

Services provided by the Case Management staff include:

  • coordination and collaboration with other professionals to assure comprehensive services for each child;
  • location and mobilization of appropriate resources such as the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund;
  • follow-up assessment for each child’s progress and identification of needs as they develop;
  • discussion with parents of new or unmet needs for each child;
  • referral to Early Intervention Programs.

The Center for Human Development

The Goryeb Children’s Hospital Center for Human Development houses the Morris County Special Child
Health Services Case Management Unit for children with developmental and/or chronic, disabling medical conditions. Among the Center’s services are:

  • NICU follow-up program for premature babies;
  • early intervention programming for infants and young children from birth to age three with
  • developmental delays;
  • a Child Development Center for children and adolescents with developmental, learning and/or behavioral problems;
  • a Developmental Disabilities Center offering primary care, mental health and neurological services to
  • individuals with developmental disabilities.
Eligibility Any infant, child or young adult who has a disease, disability or condition that may interfere with normal growth and development is considered to be a child with special needs under 22 years of age
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
Health Services
Intellectual and Developmental Needs
Payment Options
  • Free
Areas Served
  • Morris County

Last Updated: 09/28/18