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Connecting NJ

Connecting NJ

Connecting NJ is a network of partners and agencies dedicated to helping New Jersey families thrive.

We provide mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians free or affordable access to people, organizations, and other sources of information needed to raise healthy children.

Connecting NJ utilizes a county-based, single point-of-entry system that simplifies and streamlines the referral process for obstetrical and prenatal care providers, community agencies, and families.

Connecting NJ provides referrals to community resources, programs, and services such as:

  • NJ FamilyCare
    New Jersey’s publicly funded health insurance program that includes coverage for doula care, doctor visits, prescriptions, vision, dental care, mental health, and even hospitalization.
  • Community Doulas
    Community doulas who can provide culturally competent, emotional, and social support to pregnant moms before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Home Visiting Programs
    Home visiting programs, like Nurse-Family Partnership, Healthy Families, and Parents as Teachers, which provide community-based education and in-home support to parents.
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Last Updated: 07/08/24