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Jersey Center for Non-Violence (JCNV)

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The Jersey Center for Non-Violence (JCNV) is a counseling program to help people examine the use of force and/or abuse within intimate relationships and to learn alternatives.

Groups Offered at JCNV

A comprehensive group counseling curriculum for men who use abuse in their intimate relationships. While meeting once a week for 26 weeks, the participants discuss Anger Management, Beliefs, Myths on Domestic Violence, Gender Roles, Impact on Children, and more.

ACT: A Group for Young Adults is for males ages 18 — 23.
The adult ACT curriculum is adapted for males ages 18 — 23.

CHOICES: A Group for Adolescent Males
A counseling group for boys ages 12 — 17 who have begun using abuse in relationships. It meets once a week for 12 weeks and teaches boys to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Discussion topics include Emotional Abuse and Mind Games, Jealousy and Manipulation, Abuse of Siblings and Parents, Substance Abuse, and Communication and Negotiation Skills.

VISTA: A Program for Women
Vista is an 20-week curriculum addressing women's use of force. Within Vista, women explore the motivations, intent and consequences for their actions. Vista emphasizes that the use of force is not appropriate and teaches healthy alternatives. Group topics include Identifying Forceful Behaviors, Anger, Defense Mechanisms, Healthy Boundaries, Effects of Force on Children, Conflict Resolution and Healthy Relationships.

The Vista Curriculum is available to those wishing to implement a similar program in their community.

For more information on making an appointment or a referral, contact JCNV:

Counseling for Men and Boys: 973-539-7801
Counseling for Women through Vista: 973-267-7520 ext. 254

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